If you haven’t already eaten enough chocolate in the past week or two, let me introduce you to three new — and not-so-new — avenues for getting your cacao fix.

  For the purest of the pure takes on cacao, you might be interested to try Great Bean Chocolate, a product from Austinite Nora Hamerman made from unroasted cacao beans. Because the raw beans aren’t heated, they maintain more chocolaty flavor, as well as antioxidants, minerals and brain-boosting chemicals, she says. Great Bean adds a proprietary herbal blend to the soy- and GMO-free bars, which are available at many neighborhood markets, as well as bigger stores such as Whole Foods and Wheatsville Food Coo-op. Find a detailed list of availability at greatbeanchocolate.com.

Oh My Ganache is a new chocolate ganache spread company based out of Spicewood. Ganache is a chocolate icing or frosting that’s often used in cakes, pastries or truffles. Oh My Ganache owners Tyson Moler and Rick Bristow make a denser ganache spread, more like Nutella. The product launched last week in more than 90 H-E-B stores across Texas. You can find out more at ohmyganache.net.

Lovebean is a vegan fudge spread that has been around for several years, but now the company makes a sea salt caramel spread without any butter or cream, as well as a raw version of the original. Instead of the animal products, Lovebean uses coconut oil and cacao to make a silky spread that is sells in both a jar and in a single-serving packet. You can find the jars at Whole Foods, Natural Grocers and Wheatsville Food Co-op; the little to-go packets are at many corner shops and markets. You can also shop online at lovebeanfudge.com.