Weekend Two of Austin City Limits Festival is underway, and there’s no shortage of people trying to get rid of their wristbands last-minute.

A search for “ACL” in the Austin Craigslist turns up more than 9,900 results (how many of those are legit, it’s hard to say) and ticket prices are dropping fast since the festival is well underway.

Well, one person really wants to sell their wristband, and they’ve taken a unique marketing approach.

This Craigslist ad for a “magic wristband” has been making the rounds on social media lately. We hate to break it to you – the wristband isn’t actually magic, but the wearer “may still have many good things happen to them,” the seller reassures.

The story woven in the post depicts the storyteller wandering through a wooded area (the Greenbelt, maybe?) when he ran into a dark, robed traveler. He reassured the traveler he was simply avoiding the foot traffic of “Mountain Pack Road, or MoPac as you locals call it.” He relayed his difficulty in selling his three-day wristband, so the hooded figure revealed his true identity: he’s a tiefling (yep, Dungeons & Dragons-style) and he cast a spell on the wristband “which will give the wearer boundless good luck.”

No promises on what kind of good luck you’ll receive, but the phrase “free drinks” was used, so…fingers crossed.

You still have to pay for the wristband (less than face value, though!) but the ACL/D&D fanfiction, thankfully, is free.

One question remains: How has nobody bought this yet?!