Photo by Ricardo B. Brazziell / American-Statesman. A new Paramount Theatre sign is getting lit up for the first time tomorrow, and you can toast the historical moment with the Townsend’s special Blade Reviver #2 cocktail. The Townsend is located in the white building, itself full of history, that you can see in this picture.

The Austin institution the Paramount Theatre is getting a new sign that will be lit for the first time tomorrow — and to commemorate the occasion, the Townsend bar right across the street has made a special cocktail available only through Sunday this week.

Try the Blade Reviver #2, made with Tito’s Vodka, Combier Pamplemousse liqueur, lime juice, Salers Gentiane Aperitif liqueur and Underberg starting today at 4 p.m., when the Townsend opens. The bar’s food and beverage wrangler, Justin Elliott, created the vodka-based drink with the Paramount’s long Austin history in mind.

“The Blade Reviver #2 is refreshing, but with an spicy earthiness and an old-world funk that I think really beautifully connects this drink to a mythical Austin of generations past,” Elliott said in a press release.

Not convinced that a new sign — the Paramount blade, as it’s being called — on an old theater is worthy of so much attention?

The Paramount Theatre folks will have to disagree with you. They’ve decided to adorn the 100-year-old theater with a blade that looks as close to the original one as possible. According to the press release, the new blade “was constructed to be an exact replica” of the one first installed on the theater’s “façade in 1930, quickly becoming a beacon of light on Congress. It was taken down for restoration in the 1960s and never seen again.”

Where did it go? That’s a local mystery, as the Statesman’s social columnist, Michael Barnes, wrote last week in a blog post exploring the rumors that have dogged the Paramount since the restoration.

To commemorate the theater’s 100-year anniversary (it officially opened its doors in 1915 as the Majestic), “the Paramount staff has taken great care to recreate the new blade with historic accuracy, reviewing numerous historic photos, newspaper clippings, videos, and documents, and with the help of Wagner Sign Company the new blade will light up the Avenue for the first time in over 50 years,” according to the press release.

That will happen tomorrow with both public and private parties, including a street celebration on Congress Avenue in front of the Paramount. After the towering vertical sign and its 1,386 energy-efficient bulbs are lit, the party will continue inside the Paramount with a special Patty Griffin CD release show. For more information, visit

Although the Townsend is one of the venues hosting a private Paramount party tomorrow, you’ll still be able to sip on the Blade Reviver #2 throughout the rest of the week from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.