For his reported new role Taylor Kitsch will return to television’s depiction of Texas (forever y’all), but the Waco depicted in the upcoming Weinstein Company series couldn’t be farther from “Dillon.”

08/18/06- Rodolfo Gonzalez/AMERICAN-STATESMAN: Actor, Taylor Kitsch works on a couple of scenes during the filming of NBC’s Friday Night Lights television series filmed in Kyle, Tx., on Friday, August 18, 2006. Friday Night Lights was filmed in Austin and surrounding Central Texas based on the Peter Berg feature film and Buzz Bissinger’s book, “Friday Night Lights,” a look at Texas high school football.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kitsch is set to star as Branch Davidian leader David Koresh in a series about the FBI’s siege of the Waco ranch where the religious group was housed in 1993. Infamously, the weeks-long military standoff ended when a fire engulfed the ranch killing dozens of people.

It’s also reported that Michael Shannon of “Boardwalk Empire” and rapper Ludacris are set to star as FBI agent Gary Noesner and Branch Davidian Wayne Martin respectively.

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With Kitsch’s forays into the big screen (see “Battleship,” “John Carter”) not faring half as well as Riggin’s high school running back endeavors, it’ll be exciting to see the actor return to the small, Texas screen on which he excelled.

There are currently few details on the show, which has yet to name a network, but, as the Hollywood Reporter notes, with similar true crime series like HBO’s “The Jinx” and Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” experiencing success, it’s sure to find a spot.

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You can read the Hollywood Reporter’s full article here.