Students warm up before class at Love Cycling Studio. Photo by Pam LeBlanc

When Nicki Minaj squared off against Iggy Azalea during a spin class at Love Cycling Studio recently, my leg muscles came out the clear cut winners.

I dropped by the studio Monday for a 45-minute session set to music by the two pop singers. Instructors Morgan Randolph and Katy Freshour kept me from collapsing in a heap off my stationary bike, and when I finished, co-owner Maria Groten handed me a eucalyptus-spritzed towel.

Love Studio owner Maria Groten, center, poses with instructors Katy Freshour, left, and Morgan Randolph, right. Photo by Pam LeBlanc

Groten teamed with Stephanie Kincheloe to open the gleaming studio last October, with exuberant local trainer David Garza as a founding partner.

Their niche? High-energy, intense spinning classes that make you feel like you’ve been air-dropped into a 1980s aerobics class inside a New York City disco. In a good way, of course.

A recent weekly class lineup included the following – “Old Taylor Swift vs. New Taylor Swift,” “movie soundtracks” and “Britney vs. Christina.”

The back wall of the studio, furnished with 42 high-tech Schwinn bicycles, glows in a rotating scheme of red, blue and orange lights. The Nicki vs. Iggy class included lots of pulsating music, plus choreographed moves that left me struggling to keep up. (Rookies are encouraged to attend a Love 101 class to ease the learning curve.)

Thanks to hand weights conveniently stashed on the back of each bike, it’s an upper body workout as much as a leg workout. Lights dimmed and candles flickered during the last few minutes of class, when participants were encouraged to dial up their own level of struggle on their bike’s resistance meter for the final climb.

“That’s where we challenge riders to dig deep within themselves emotionally, just not physically,” Freshour said.

Afterward, there’s free coffee.

“It’s heartfelt. You can feel the love and heart of the team,” Randolph said.

The studio is located at 507 Pressler Street, Suite 900. For more information go here.

Pam LeBlanc, left, and Kristen Turner, right, dropped by Love Cycling Studio for a music-themed class.