Erin Walter

Hey rockin’ mamas, it’s not too late to sign up for Ladies Rock Camp. The big sister program to Girls Rock Camp Austin takes place on Feb. 14-16 and culminates on a showcase at Beerland on Mon. Feb. 16. At $275, the three day music workshop isn’t cheap, but every woman who enrolls in the camp funds a scholarship for a girl to attend Girls Rock Camp’s summer program.

When we talked to Erin Walter, a Girls Rock Camp supporter and Ladies Rock Camp alum about the program last year she said she’d recommend  it for women of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

“If you’ve never touched an instrument, never sang a note, you will love it. If you’re rusty like I was, you can pick up your old instrument and get comfy with it again. If you’re a pro at guitar but have secretly always wanted to play drums or sing or write songs, you can come with that focus.”