Photo by Brian Gurney. Cascade Brewing is expanding from the Pacific Northwest to Texas.

Sour beer fans clamoring for Portland’s Cascade Brewing no longer have to travel to the Pacific Northwest to get a taste of the funky brews.

The brewery announced today that it’s partnering with Dallas-based Favorite Brands to bring the Northwest-style sour ales to Texas for the first time — a move that has been a long time coming for the Oregon brewery.

“We’ve been working for 10 years to get to the point where we can supply sour beers to a worldwide market, and we’ve finally arrived at that place,” Cascade founder Art Larrance said in a press release.

Cascade Brewing specializes in sour ales with “a clean lactic acid profile produced by a house culture of lactobacillus bacteria.” Another big component of their beers, according to the press release is the use of ingredients grown in the region, including cherries, apricots, berries and grapes, and barrels in their blending house — which currently has more than 1,500 French oak, Kentucky bourbon and Pacific Northwest wine barrels, as well as nine foudres (much larger casks).

“At Cascade, we produce beers from our own style,” Cascade brewmaster Ron Gansberg said in the press release. “We have no guidance other than our own palate and what comes out of our cellar. Each beer is drawn from several individual barrels and features a balanced level of fruit, acidity and nuances from each barrel. We marry these beers together so they truly soar to great heights.”

As soon as the brewery gets TABC label approval, a process that can take some time, it’ll start bringing down bottles of the beers, including Apricot, Blackberry, Blackcap Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Elderberry, Figaro, Kriek, Manhattan, Noyaux, Sang Noir, Strawberry and the Vine.

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