Peru’s La Inedita performs at Sounds from the World showcase. Photo by Nancy Flores/American-Statesman

For a taste of global sounds, SXSW festgoers headed to the Sounds from the World showcase at the Russian House on Thursday night featuring artists from Pakistan to Peru.

The last two showcases brought together fans hungry for off-the-beaten path dance grooves. One of the festival’s most unique talents, Pedro Canale (aka Chancha Via Circuito) hails from Argentina, where he’s a trailblazer in the country’s electronic music scene. His spacey, ambient beats are inimitable. Masterfully crafted complex layers of everything from electro-Andean folk to atmospheric cumbia turned the dancefloor into a sea of swaying fans.

The night’s musical journey took festgoers from Argentina to Peru. In their U.S. debut, La Inedita attracted a strong ex-pat contingent who waved flags and danced enthusiastically, at one point spurring a female fan to dance on stage.

Inspired by chicha music, La Inedita adds their own twist by incorporating elements of hip-hop, reggae and rock.

Sounds from the World also attracted several other musicians in the crowd. We spotted Calle 13’s Eduardo José Cabra Martínez (aka Visitante) and his wife Diana Fuentes (who had performed at an earlier SXSW showcase), Austin singer/songwriter Gina Chavez (also a SXSW showcasing artist) and members of the band Pommez Internacional of Argentina (who are back performing at SXSW for their second time).

Sounds from the World continues on Friday at the Russian House starting at 8 p.m.