The Hill Country Film Festival (HCFF), a four day independent film event held in Fredericksburg, announced today the selections for its seventh annual festival.

The fest will screen 15 feature films and 74 short films that represent 14 countries along with panel discussions, a closing night party and awards program and a sendoff reception.

This year’s festival will also showcase for the first time a Student Short Film category featuring eight short films produced and directed by high school or college student filmmakers. The complete lineup can be found on the festival website at http://www.hillcountryff.com/festival/film-line-up/.

The festival will host two special screenings April 28: Jorge R. Gutierrez’s 2014 animated feature “The Book of Life” and Peter Bogdanovich’s 1971 masterwork “The Last Picture Show.” 2015 is the the 45 year anniversary of this Texas-made stunner.

Feature films to be screened include:


BEAR WITH US (d. William J. Stribling, U.S., 2016)

CUT TO THE CHASE (d. Blayne Weaver, U.S., 2016)

DAYLIGHT COME (d. Evan Vetter, U.S., 2014)

DEPENDENT’S DAY (d. Michael David Lynch, U.S., 2016)

INTERWOVEN (d. VW Scheich, U.S., 2015)

MAD (d. Robert G. Putka, U.S., 2016)

NATHAN EAST: FOR THE RECORD (d. Chris Gero and David Maxwell, U.S., 2014)

RWANDA AND JULIET (d. Ben Proudfoot, Canada/U.S./Rwanda, 2016)

SOME BEASTS (d. Cameron Bruce Nelson, U.S., 2015)

STEREOTYPICALLY YOU (d. Benjamin Cox, U.S., 2015)

TOWER (d. Keith Maitland, U.S., 2016)

TRANSPECOS (d. Greg Kwedar, U.S., 2016)

Short films selected represent a wide spectrum of genres from dramas and comedies to documentaries and animations with nearly half of all short films produced internationally.  Short films include the Oscar nominated work AVE MARIA (d. Basil Khalil, State of Palestine, 2015); animated student film from Texas NEWBIE NEWSBOY (d. Caitlin Inzinna, U.S., 2015); Texas documentary GOOD TIMES AT THE SCHUTZEN VEREIN (d. Erik McCown, U.S., 2015); dramatic film  THE VISITOR (d. Bennett Pellington, U.S., 2015); and comedy LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD: WORTH SEVEN POINTS (d. John Schwab, UK, 2015).

Check out the schedule here. 

All access festival badges and individual tickets can be purchased at the festival’s site.