Yes, another Austin institution toasted its centennial this week.

Mitia and Riad Hasan at Settlement Home Centennial Party.

TheSettlement Home for Children has faithfully provided housing, food and schooling as well as foster and adoption services, first in East Austin, then, since the 1960s, in North Austin. Founded by crusading women during the Progressive Era, it targeted girls for much of its history. It now helps children, young adults and families, especially for those suffering from trauma, abuse or neglect.

Outside of its good works, it’s best known locally for its giant garage sale at Palmer Events Center every holiday season. And if you’ve never been, go. There’s something there for you at an incredibly reasonable price.

The group kicked off its 100th anniversary with a dinner in the Kodosky Lounge at the Long Center. I sat with videographers Esther Garcia and Michael Moss, who told me about their work telling the stories of Austin’s nonprofits. Next to them were a couple — I didn’t  secure their permission to use their names — who have fostered seven children with the help of the Home.

A certain set of quiet Old Austinites filled the 20 or so tables. They trouped downstairs to catch a concert by singer-songwriter Jewel in a performance emceed by radio star Ed Clements. More history to come …