(Left to right) DJ’s Pagame, El Dusty, Manolo Black, VJ 4th Wall and photographer Marcos Molina.

Austin-based DJ collective Peligrosa celebrates its eighth anniversary this week, and the music mashers will perform at the Empire Control Room on Friday with a slew of friends who will no doubt energize the dance floor starting at 8 p.m.

The line-up includes Latin alternative rising stars such as Oakland-based Panamanian hip-hop duo, Los Rakas and New York-based Brazilian performer Zuzuka Poderosa. Other scheduled artists include DJ Playero, Que Bajo?!, Happy Colors, Kiko Villamizar, La Frenetika and Austin Samba.

Peligrosa, which launched in 2007, is comprised of a group of accomplished DJs who brought the popular Latino dance party movement to Austin. “On any given day, the Peligrosa sound can be any variety of different styles, from the most rudimentary traditional instrumental to a heavy club banging remix of a more well-known Celso Piña track, and this goes for each individual in the crew, so imagine six DJs together!” co-founder Orión García said in a 2012 Austin360 interview.

The free show, courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy, requires an RSVP at redbull.com/peligrosa8. You can also catch Peligrosa in Corpus Christi on Dec. 19 at the Aria Sky Terrace.