The Lansinoh SmartPump is Bluetooth enabled to sync information to an app. Lansinoh

When moms first come out of the hospital, they’re often asked to record each breast-feeding session and diaper change. There are apps for that now. And last month Lansinoh has introduced the first Bluetooth-enabled breast pump. The SmartPump records the date and time that you pump automatically and syncs it to the Lansinoh Baby app, which is available on iTunes and Google Play.

On the app, moms can add the volume of milk they pumped during that recorded sessions as well as diaper changes, (what type of diaper change it was and color and consistency of poop), breast-feeding and bottle-feeding sessions, and baby’s growth rate. In tracking breast-feeding sessions, you can track, which breast and start the clock when baby latches on and stop the clock when baby is done, so you know exactly how long baby fed. You can set alarms in the app to remind you to pump or nurse. There are also resources available in the app.

Here’s a video from Lanisoh that explains how the pump and app work together.


The pump is $199 at Babies R Us.

Perhaps if I had had apps and a Smart Pump when I was breast-feeding 15 and 12 years ago, I would have used the app and the Smart Pump, rather than ditching the recording sheet by Day 3 of my 15-year-old’s life and never having done it from Day 1, with my 12-year-old. The information might have been interesting to have… but it also might have made me a more neurotic parent, rather than just going with my gut if things weren’t right and drinking more water if I didn’t pump I normally did.

Is having this much information about your baby’s input and output too much? Would you use a SmartPump?