Hapi Water is a zero-calorie drink sweetened with xylitol. It is sold in H-E-Bs around Texas. Photo from Hapi Water.

Even low-sugar juices and juice mixes have sugar in them. It’s not much, about 9 grams per serving in one of the leading brands, but sugar is the major cause of kids’ cavities in America.

A Tennessee dentist and a former Wall Street research analyst who now lives in Austin have teamed up to launch a low-calorie drink targeted toward kids.

Hapi Water (hapidrinks.com) is fortified with vitamins and sweetened with xylitol, a sugar derived from plants with a glycemic index of 8. You’ll often find xylitol in gum, but its use in drinks could help reduce tooth decay, according to many in the dental health field, including company founder KB Parkes.

Most low-calorie drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners or stevia, which comes from a plant but has a distinct taste that my kids and I aren’t big fans of. When they tasted the Hapi Water, the kids didn’t note any “off” taste and slurped up all the samples before I got to try all the flavors. The drink has 10 calories per serving and comes in four flavors: grape, orange, apple and fruit punch. It costs $3.59 for 8 (6.75-oz.) packages and is sold in about 75 H-E-Bs in Texas.