KEYE airs CBS and Telemundo programming in Austin. (Image courtesy of KEYE)

Dozens of local TV stations nationwide, including Austin’s KEYE, have been dropped from the Dish Network lineup.

The stations are operated by Maryland-based Sinclair Broadcast Group.

The move leaves a number of Central Texans without access to programming from CBS and Telemundo, which KEYE carries on a digital subchannel.

Cable and satellite TV providers must get permission to carry local stations via a retransmission agreement. Typically, the agreements require companies such as Dish to pay stations a monthly per-subscriber fee.

The deal between Dish and Sinclair actually expired earlier this month, but the two sides had agreed to a brief extension. That extension ended at 4 p.m. Tuesday, according to posts on several Sinclair websites.

In addition to Austin, several other Texas cities have lost Sinclair stations, including San Antonio, where the company operates the NBC, Fox and CW affiliates.