John Conley continues to recover from a case of flesh-eating bacteria that has affected his left leg. Photo courtesy John Conley

John Conley, former director of the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, continues to recuperate from a case of necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh-eating bacteria, at a hospital in Hawaii.

Conley was diagnosed with the infection about two weeks ago. He underwent two surgeries to remove affected tissue, and remains at a hospital in Hilo. He says hes still experiencing pain but getting stronger and able to tolerate more activity.

The wound is pretty gnarly, he wrote. I got to see it yesterday and then had to avert my gaze. It looked like I stepped on a landmine. I lost a lot of blood and 7 percent of my skin surface area. The remaining tissue is healing well and Im probably going to stay in Hilo for my skin grafts next month.

John Conley, shown here with his care team at Hilo Medical Center, credits his fitness for helping him improve.

The infection is mostly resolved and doctors have discontinued one of the three antibiotics he was taking.

Im definitely making progress! he wrote. Im also really happy that I was in the best shape Ive been in since 2013, so my overall fitness level has helped me through a traumatic surgery and a challenging recovery ahead.

He adds that hes making steady progress toward a full recovery. He and his wife Stacey appreciate the notes of support and love.