Remember California’s Prop 37?

That was the 2014 ballot measure that would have required food companies to label which foods contain genetically modified organisms.

The hotly contested proposal sparked a national dialogue about GMOs in our food, but despite millions spent lobbying on its behalf (and even more from its opponents), the proposition failed by less than three percent of the votes.

Earlier this week, Texas state representative Carol Alvarado (D-Houston) filed HB 3499, a similar mandatory labeling legislation.

According to the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, a proponent of the bill, states including Connecticut, Maine and Vermont, as well as sixty-four other countries, have already passed GMO labeling laws.

Opponents to this kind of labeling, including GMO Answers, which has organized an already controversial South by Southwest Interactive panel on Saturday called "Can Common Food Goals Find Common Ground?", says that there is no scientific proof that GMOs cause any harm to consumers.