Garrett Weber-Gale and Tom Colicchio chat at an event Weber-Gale hosted in New York in 2012. Photo by Addie Broyles.

The last time we wrote about Garrett Weber-Gale, the Olympic swimmer was in New York hosting a fundraising dinner with some of the best-known chefs in the city.

Weber-Gale was also still swimming competitively, but in the three years since, he’s switched gears to focusing on his company, Athletic Foodie, which sells workout snacks developed with serious athletes in mind.

The pre-workout granolas, post-workout trail mixes and energy chews in small, single-serving packages are sold by the dozen online and shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Weber-Gale, who was diagnosed with high blood pressure 10 years ago and went on to win a gold medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay in Beijing in 2008, worked closely with University of Texas dietitian Amy Culp to develop the recipes for the snacks.

He currently sells two varieties in each of three categories: apple or goji granolas, dried fruit or berry trail mixes, and strawberry or orange fruit chews, all of which pack a nutritional punch for athletes on the go.

They cost $2.75 per snack if you buy 12 at a time, or $2.49 each if you buy a box of 24, with free shipping. You can place an order and find out more at