The Garrison Brothers’ trio of whiskeys again includes the hard-to-find Cowboy Bourbon, which aged four years in white oak barrels.

You’d better start planning for a trip to your local liquor store soon. Really soon — Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon™ is heading back to retail shelves this week after selling out in 2013, and you can bet that just like last time, it won’t be around long.

This year, at least, the Hye distillery has made more of it and is releasing it in larger bottles. Garrison Brothers has produced 5,200 750 ml bottles of the limited-release bourbon for whiskey fans, according to a press release. (You’ll get more bourbon with your buck this time as well; it’s priced at about $170, the same cost as 2013’s.)

“Just like the little distillery’s flagship bourbon, Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon is made from organic Panhandle corn, soft red winter wheat grown at the distillery, two-row malted barley and ultra-pure Hill Country rainwater,” according to the press release. “It has been aged in North American white oak barrels for four years, making it the oldest bourbon ever produced in Texas, and twice as old as the 2013 release of Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon.”

Plus, it’s barrel proof — meaning that it hasn’t been cut with water to dilute its alcohol level — so it clocks in at 135 proof or 67.5 percent ABV. Don’t add this bourbon to a cocktail; it’s meant to be sipped and savored.

“The color alone makes this bourbon remarkable, but the taste and finish is the stuff of legends,” owner Dan Garrison said in the press release.

You’ll have to act fast to find out if you agree. In 2013, the bourbon sold out in a matter of hours; this year, many out-of-state stores, which aren’t getting as many bottles as Texas stores, already have long wait lists for it.

But don’t fret if you can’t get a bottle in time. Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Oak Hill is throwing a five-course feast on Sept. 28 that’ll be paired with Garrison Brothers whiskey in honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month. In between the third and fourth course pairings, you’ll get you a taste of the Cowboy Bourbon. And during all of the courses, you’ll also be able to sip on the Single Barrel Bourbon and on different expressions of the flagship bourbon in various cocktails. Both Garrison and master distiller Donnis Todd will be present at the dinner to talk about the bourbons and how best to taste them.

The dinner is $120. To purchase tickets, email banquets@jackallenskitchen or call 512-809-3653. For more information about Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon, visit