Photo by Lauri Johnston. Shiner’s Fun Fun Fun Fest cans are going to be available for the first time outside fest grounds starting Monday.

The tradition continues. With the arrival of Fun Fun Fun Fest next month, Shiner Bock cans are once again being decked out with a special FFF design — but new this time around is that they’ll be available beyond the festival, at any bar or store where Shiner 12-packs are sold, starting on Monday. They’ll debut first at the Mohawk.

Fun Fun Fun Fest organizers have been partnering with Spoetzl Brewery, the makers of Shiner, to keep fest-goers hydrated while they jam out to all their favorite musical acts. That can be thirsty work, after all.

“It’s a fun little commemorative thing we did with our beer sponsor, Shiner, to see and have and keep as memorabilia,” fest organizer James Moody said last year about the cans, which will be available at the festival on Nov. 6-8 in addition to the various bar and retail spots that will carry it.

The ones this year were designed by McGarrah Jessee, a brand development agency in Austin that looked to preserve the overall look of the Shiner Bock can while adding distinct festival flair to it.

“Designing the commemorative can for Fun Fun Fun Fest is about maintaining the integrity of the Shiner brand while integrating the character of the festival,” Meredith Callaway and Courtney Ryan Cooper of McGarrah Jessee said. “And the ultimate testament is seeing fans treat the cans as collectibles.”

Which even Austinites not going to the festival will be able to do. Pretty cool, huh?

For more information about the Auditorium Shores-located festival, which focuses on music genres like hip hop and indie rock, as well as comedy, visit the FFF website.