A Facebook group calling on a downtown Austin live music venue to shut its doors has apparently been yanked offline.

The "Close Cedar Street Courtyard" page had about 600 "likes" at last check.

It’s not immediately clear if the page was taken down by its creator or by Facebook.

The chief complaint, according to a cached version of the page, is the live music the venue features.

From the Facebook page: "Please help STOP ‘The Cedar Street Courtyard’ from blasting music with no roof or doors till 2am every night of the week!!!"

Officials with Cedar Street Courtyard, at 208 W. Fourth St., weren’t immediately available to comment, but have said in the past that they’ve taken a number of steps to mitigate sound issues, leading to a dramatic drop in complaints.

Like many other downtown Austin music venues, Cedar Street Courtyard has come under fire from time to time in recent years as more and more people choose to live downtown, putting homes and live music venues within feet of each other.

A number of posts on the cached page came out in favor of the club, with one person saying, "Booooooooo! Move to the suburbs if you don’t like loud music in DT Austin. Shame!"

"Enough is enough is right. Don’t move to a live music neighborhood if you hate noise. I hear the suburbs are quiet this time of year," another poster said.