Presumptive Republican Party nominee Donald Trump could win the presidency, but probably won’t.

Voters will be choosing between two presidential candidates who most people don’t like.

A loss at the top of the ticket might actually help down ballot.

The two-party system as we know it could very well spin apart. And that might be a good thing. Especially for monopoly states like Texas.

Ashley Schroeder, Gretchen Alarcon and Scott Alarcon at Toast of the Town for St. David’s Foundation.

These are some of the political gems gleaned from a machine-gun-style talk from Evan Smith and Matthew Dowd at Franklin Barbecue. The Toast of the Town event, which benefited the St. David’s Foundation‘s health science scholarship program, was not only sold out, it attracted a record waiting list.

Part of that can be credited to the brisket. After all, most of the guests raised their hands when foundation captain Earl Maxwell asked who had ever eaten at the landmark spot.

Now, I’ve tasted this manna from heaven several times, but never stood in line, thanks to hosted parties such as this one.

Yet even those motivated primarily by meat got the show of the month. Smith, formerly of Texas Monthly, now at Texas Tribune, was every bit as entertaining as Dowd, a practiced political consultant and opinion-maker as well as entrepreneur (also, our neighbor).

Big heads. Fast talkers. Unconventional thinkers.

Their conclusions about the current political climate could fill a slim book.

Yet the takeaway, especially according to Dowd, is the possibility of a multi-party system in the near future.