Finn Holt is the 12-year-old winner of this yearís Austin Lemonade Day contest, which takes place ahead of the citywide Lemonade Day. This year, that event will take place on May 7. Photo from Lemonade Day Austin.

Lemonade stands have always been a great way for kids to learn about running a business and make a little money while they are at it. For the ninth year, kids around the country will host lemonade stands on May 7 as part of the national Lemonade Day, which started in Houston. Austinís Lemonade Day is a big one, with hundreds of young entrepreneurs participating. Itís free to participate, and if you register at, you can spread the word about your stand and receive a Lemonade Day Austin Entrepreneur Workbook and Mentor Guide with more information about how to make your stand the best ever.

Austinite Finn Holt, age 12, won the cityís annual pre-Lemonade Day contest, which took place earlier this month. The backyard gardener used a combination of Meyer lemons, which he grows in his yard, and regular lemon juice, but his secret is those preserved Meyer lemon rinds. To make them, all you have to do is quarter the lemons, coat them in salt and then pack them in a jar with more salt. They keep for a long time, especially in the fridge, and you can use them in lots of Middle Eastern dishes.

Finniganís Lucky Backyard Lemonade

Holt says that this lemonade is best served over lots of ice, and you can make ice cubes out of the lemonade the night before. You can even put a mint leaf and/or chopped Meyer lemon pieces in each ice cube before freezing for something fancier. If you want to make your own lemonade concoction, Holt says you just need to remember ď411Ē for 4 parts water, 1 part lemon juice and 1 part sugar, and those parts can be as big or small as you need.

2 large handfuls of fresh mint
2 cups freshly squeezed lemons
A little less than 2 cups light brown sugar (more or less to taste)
8 cups water
4 preserved Meyer lemons rinds, finely minced
A few stems fresh rosemary

Muddle the mint in a mortar and pestle with a bit of lemon juice to make a juicy paste. Mix with lemon juice, brown sugar, water and preserved lemons. Stir well. Add stalks of rosemary and let sit to add gentle flavor. Serve over lots of ice. You can add mint leaves and a stalk of rosemary for garnish. Makes about 15 small glasses with ice.

ó Finn Holt