Public Enemy performs at SXSW 2007. Ricardo B. Brazziell/American-Statesman

Yesterday, rap legend Chuck D told Dallas Morning News columnist Robert Wilonsky that the Art of Rap show in Dallas was cancelled  “to give the city and the police department time to catch their breath” following the fatal shootings of five police officers after a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest last week.

The Austin show, scheduled for Sunday, was also cancelled. 

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The activist rap group was unfairly maligned after a photo of shooter Micah X. Johnson with Professor Griff, a member of Public Enemy, emerged on the internet.

The group immediately denounced any connection with the shooter.

Chuck D told Wilonsky “blaming Griff for Johnson’s massacre is like holding the Beatles and “Helter Skelter” accountable for Charles Manson.”

He said the decision to cancel was made by the promoter and the Dallas police department denies putting any pressure on the promoter or the venue to shut down the show.

“There’s nothing can be said here. We have to let it rest for a while. It’s beyond music and a concert. To go in there Saturday? It would be inappropriate,” the rapper told Wilonsky.

We have reached out to representatives from local promoter C3 Presents and the Austin360 Amphitheater for comment on why the Austin show was cancelled.