Cantina Laredo closed Thursday. (Ralph Barrera photo)

Cantina Laredo, a longtime tenant in downtown Austin’s Second Street District, closed its doors for good Thursday.

The restaurant, at 201 W. Third St., had initially planned to operate through Saturday, according to a written statement, but a “miscommunication” with the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department caused that to change.

Cantina Laredo, which says it scored a 91 on its most recent health inspection, said the health department was under the impression the restaurant had already closed. When an inspector in the area this morning saw it was still up and running, he reportedly ordered the restaurant to cease operations and told diners to leave.

“I wanted to close down the restaurant in a dignified manner,” said Al LoCascio, Cantina Laredo’s owner. “It’s a difficult day to end 11 years of hard work and success under unfortunate circumstances.”

LoCascio cited “the amount of competitors that saturated the area and high overhead costs” for his decision to shut down.

“At some point you have to be realistic with the things you have accomplished and what makes sense with the bottom line,” LoCascio said. “We had decided to pass the torch on and allow a new concept to enrich the experience of the Second Street District.”