Whatís the best doughnut in Austin?

Thatís a highly disputed topic. We compiled a list of the five best shops to visit in the Austin area, but to be totally honest, thatís just a starting point.†Weíve got everything from our own iteration of Seattle-based Voodoo Donuts to a magical place called Donut Taco Palace that can only exist in Austin, so your doughnut options are truly endless.

Buzzfeed, however, has decided that Round Rock Donuts has the best fried, sweet, gooey goodness not just in the Austin area, but in the entirety of the state of Texas.

Image via Round Rock Donuts / Instagram

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The siteís definitive ranking of the best doughnut in every state was compiled based primarily on Yelp reviews, so take it with a grain of salt (or glazed sugar). According to Buzzfeed, Yelpís ranking used an algorithm that compared the number of reviews for each shop as well as how many stars it received.

What say you? Does Round Rock Donuts deserve the title of the best in the state?