Beeline Bikes, a fleet of mobile bike mechanics, is expanding to Austin. Photo courtesy Beeline Bikes

Don’t want to hassle with dropping your bike off at a bike shop for repairs? A California-based fleet of mobile bike shops that’s expanding to Austin will come to you.

Pete Buhl, a former tech industry executive who likes to cycle, started Beeline Bikes out of frustration. Traditional bike shops either wouldn’t service his brand of bicycle or couldn’t his bike serviced in a timely manner.

He envisioned a van loaded with bike parts that would drive to a bike owner’s home or office to make repairs. In two years, that idea has grown into nine mobile Beeline Bike shops that serve customers in the San Francisco Bay area.

The vans are stocked with parts and accessories. Photo courtesy Beeline Bikes

The mechanics offer tune-ups and maintenance. They also sell bicycling accessories. In July, Beeline announced a partnership with Backcountry to assemble and deliver bicycles ordered from online shops.

Company officials are traveling to Austin Monday and Tuesday to meet with people interested in owning one of the mobile shops. For more information email Todd Haavind at or go here.

For more information about Beeline, go here.