Whoa — did you feel the earth move?

For the first time in its 106-year history, the Austin Symphony Orchestra will livestream an entire concert online.

The Saturday night performance of “Mozart Speaks” will be streamed via Facebook Live and on the symphony’s website.

The concert begins at 8 p.m. CST. And it’s a meant-to-please program, too.

“Mozart Speaks” will feature six show works interspersed with some of the composer’s letters read by favorite Austin actor Martin Burke. The second half of the concert will conclude with Mozart’s magnificent Requiem featuring Chorus Austin.

A portrait of Mozart, aged 14, in Verona, 1770, by Saverio dalla Rosa (1745–1821)

Like many regional American symphony orchestras, ASO is a tradition-bound organization. Changes come glacially.  Its choice of repertoire is not left to music director Peter Bay, but is ultimately approved (or disapproved) by a committee of board members.

Bay has performed yeoman’s work just to get the music of living composers and Austin composers, let alone music composed in the second half of the last century, onto ASO’s bill.

The most recent comprehensive NEA report measuring arts participation found that just 8.8 percent of adults attended classical music events in 2012. Adults ages 35 to 54 reduced their attendance while those 65 and older participated at the highest levels (13.9%), the study found.