The Austin Symphony Orchestra has crunched the sales numbers for its recently finished 2014-2015 season.

The results? ASO saw 36% increase in sales for its main Masterworks series. And when its pops series and other concerts are factored in, the organization saw a 20% in sales for all its programing.

"We didn’t have a season filled with guest artists like Bell, Ma, Perlman or a bunch of "war horse" repertory that can boost your season," said marketing director Jason Nicholson in statement.  "We utilized the newest online technology out there that can get the message to our patrons. We listened to our patron’s wants and needs, studied the analytics, and continued doing advertising that was focused on the experience and not about the organization. "

ASO’s next season begins Sept. 14-15 with pianist Andre Watts.

Single tickets for next season go on sale Aug. 10.