Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar and the Highball. The new place at Muelle will probably not look like this


You might recall that the Alamo Drafthouse floated the idea of a gender-neutral bathroom last month.

They have since updated their plans.

Here is the text, verbatim, from their Facebook post.

“First of all, thanks everyone for providing great feedback as we attempt to design a quality gender-neutral bathroom design for the new Mueller Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. We had a lot of detailed and insightful feedback on the initial design, much of which we will attempt to incorporate.

“This feedback showed there were two very distinct camps and now we’d like your help with a quick poll to help steer our final decisions.

“Option A has sinks in each of the bathrooms (similar to the initial design). This provides privacy while cleaning up but might slow down the line and also reduces the stall count.

“Option B takes the sinks out of the individual stalls and has one communal sink area. This will speed up the process by both taking the washing out of the stalls as well as freeing up more room for additional stalls. In the “B” design we would still have mirrors in the stalls and hand sanitizer.

“(Note: construction has begun, so we do not have any flexibility to change the overall footprint of where these restrooms are located).

“Also, I’d like to clarify one thing. There’s going to be a room of urinals, labeled as such, “urinals.” We’re not going to stop women from dropping trou and giving the urinals a go, but I really doubt that’s going to happen all that often. Were I to guess, I’d say 1 in 500. I assume most if not all women will opt for the stalls.

“Also, the two accessible restrooms across the hall would have baby changing tables.

“Anyway, what do you guys prefer? Option A built for privacy or Option B built for speed?

Thanks in advance for your feedback! You can also drop in a vote via Twitter at this link:

Tim League
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema founder/CEO”

Check out the two designs here.