Is there a better public speaker in Austin than Amy Mills?

The CEO of Emancipet, which recently merged with Animal Trustees of Austin, is clear, concise and  persuasive.

She’s clearly ardent about the welfare of animals, but that doesn’t get in the way of effective storytelling.

Karen Kelly, Ashley Montgomery and Kimberly Strenk at the Emancipet Anniversary Luncheon.

Mills includes personal anecdotes, but they aren’t the type of facile archetypes one hears in a politician’s stump speech.

She’s inspirational, but her command of the facts is so definitive, that her speeches never flitter off into the abstract.

I challenge anyone to resist her vision of pet heath care for every needy neighborhood in the country, whether performed by Emancipet — which is now anchored in six communities by my count — or by allied groups trained by Emancipet.

No wonder the organizers of the charity’s streamlined Anniversary Luncheon, emceed this year by event co-chair Kelly Topfer, give over almost the entire program to Mills.

They wisely leave just enough time — after the scrumptious Four Seasons Hotel vegan meal — for a potent video, which this year ended with the testimony of a homeless man who went sober to care for his pooch.

“Not just one, but two lives were saved.”