David Bowie in a still from the video for “Blackstar.”

As news of rock icon David Bowie’s death shook music lovers everywhere yesterday, the Alamo Drafthouse responded by scheduling a slew of Bowie sing-alongs at area theaters. The shows rapidly sold out, inspiring the local theater house to go big for one more tribute.

“In order to give more fans an opportunity to laugh, cry and sing your heart out, we’re partnering with the Austin Music Hall and throwing one more celebration this Saturday night,” Drafthouse staffers said in the announcement. The sing-along extravaganza will include a special preshow on screen, a live set by Austin Bowie cover band, Super Creeps, and then an encore performance of the theater’s David Bowie Music Video Party.

“This tribute night will be one more chance for us all to come together between the stars,” the announcement said.

Tickets to the sing-along, aptly titled “God and Man,” are $22.09. As with the previous showings, ticket proceeds will benefit the Livestrong Foundation.