Alamo Drafthouse co-founder Tim League. (Credit: Laura Skelding AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

One of the signs of a great business? Asking customers for their thoughts, listening, and responding in a prudent and thoughtful manner. Marketing is everything you do to get and keep customers, and what Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League posted today is another sign of great marketing and customer care. Last month League asked Alamo fans on Facebook what changes they would like to see. Many of the complaints and requests for change concerned food.

League responded today with a blog post, in which he wrote the following:

“I’ve also asked each of our kitchen managers to provide their own feedback on what they would do to improve each item on the existing menu.  We’re going to bring back some favorites that people are requesting and we will be tweaking recipes on several of the existing items.  We intend to roll out a revised menu prior to Avengers at the beginning of May and I look forward to your continued feedback on those changes. We’ll also be inviting some of you who had specific suggestions to try our new items before they hit the menu.”

You can read the whole blog post here, but below are some of League’s responses to food-related concerns:

Feedback: Alamo queso can be better

Response: I agree. We worked up a new recipe that we all think is a big improvement.  It was being served at Lamar and Ritz and if the feedback is good, the recipe will be rolled out system-wide before Avengers.

(*Editorial note: You can read my review of the new queso here.)

Feedback: Change the menu/Better food quality/More options

Response: This is the big one.  There are lots and lots of specific requests.  We’ve captured them all and will be tweaking the menu prior to Avengers.  We’ll add back in some favorites, tweak some existing items and introduce a few new items.  We do also run quarterly specials now, so if you haven’t been in a while, make sure to check out the front pages for those.  We’re also hiring now for a new VP of food and beverage this summer who should also usher forth some more improvements down the road.

Feedback: More and better vegan options/healthy options

Response: We’ve been testing vegan items at various locations in Austin for a while.  Rolling out a consolidated vegan/healthy section will be part of the menu rollout slated for before Avengers.

Feedback: Better kids menu

Response: This is in the early planning stages.  We are planning on rolling out an improved kids menu in the fall.

Feedback: Bring more napkins, especially with queso and wings.

Response: Changing the policy in Austin this week.  This should be rolled out system-wide by Avengers.  We’re also looking at better quality napkins.