Sydnie Jaye Meyers is an Austinite competing on the upcoming season of “Food Network Star Kids.” Photo from Food Network.

It’s not everyday that you get a press release about a kid you know who is getting ready to appear on a national TV show.

On Monday, 9-year-old Sydnie Jaye Meyers will make her reality television debut on “Food Network Star Kids,” a six-episode culinary competition that will air at 7 p.m. Mondays starting August 22.

Sydnie and my oldest son, Julian, were in the same class in elementary school for a few years, so I’ve know this little charmer since she was 5. I knew that she liked food, but I’d also known her as a theater kid. She has been performing on Austin stages for several years now, but who knew that all that time in front of an audience would be preparing her for an even bigger stage?

Keep an eye out for Sydnie during Monday’s series premiere. I have no idea how far she makes it in the show, but we’re all pretty excited to watch her take on contestants who are almost all older than she is. (She’s one of three 9-year-olds. The oldest competitors are 13.)