There are more ways to celebrate National Hot Dog day in Austin than you might think.

The Austin360 archives will show you the way.

Photo by Kelly West

First, the former Austin360Drinks writer answers some of the questions people might have about pairing beer with the classic trailer food.

For cooking up the meaty American delicacies at home, check out these recipes for Manchego cheese and garlic hot dogs as well as Addie Broyle’s sage advice on how to avoid serving, as she puts it, “squishy, mealy wieners that taste more like warm pudding than meat.”

Ever heard of a Sonoran hot dog? It’s a bacon-wrapped Tucson twist on the classic American meal that made its way to Austin last year.

As for other hot dog internet news, the Austin360 team tried Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Pizza so you don’t have to and that adorable video of the young baseball fan struggling to eat a hot dog is right here.

Finally, check out restaurant coverage of local hot dog-offering eateries from our food critics.