We get letters.

On Dec. 14, editorial page editor Tara Trower Doolittle wrote a column entitled "Austin stages are ready for more authentic multiculutralism" in response to Zach Theatre’s current production of "A Christmas Carol."

You can read Doolittle’s column here: http://shar.es/13EU1C(This and all following links are subscription-free.)

Also on Dec. 14,  I devoted my arts column to the same topic. Read "Zach Theatre’s ‘Christmas Carol’ too reductive" here: http://shar.es/13EOSm

Readers and theater professionals responded.

We published two Letters to the Editor from Zach Theatre supporters on Dec. 16 who wrote in response http://shar.es/13ER0e 

Next, Rupert Reyes, artistic director of Teatro Vivo, sent a letter which we published in our Dec. 17 Letters to the Editor,

Reyes wrote: "Presenting stereotypes creates obstacles to communication that could help bring our communities together."

Read Reyes’ entire letter here: http://shar.es/13EUde