Cuvee Coffee Bar is introducing crowlers, an Oskar Blues creation, to Austinites tonight at the release party of Austin Beerworks Sputnik.

The average can of beer holds about 12 oz. of beer. The average growler holds about 64 oz. What happens when you cross the two? A 32 oz. crowler, that’s what.

The super-sized can, which originated with the Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado, is now making its debut in Austin at Cuvee Coffee Bar, an eastside coffee shop with a sizable array of beer taps. Cuvee founder Mike McKim decided to start using them after he had stumbled upon the crowler concept doing research for Cuvee’s nitro cans of Black & Blue, the coffee shop’s cold brew coffee.

But what’s primarily going in the crowlers tonight at their first foray into Austin isn’t the cold brew. It’s Austin Beerworks Sputnik, a popular wintertime brew in town that’s launching on tap at Cuvee starting at 6 p.m. You’ll be able to have a pint of the Russian Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Stout there and then, with a crowler, take some to go.

A crowler is a one-use recyclable can that is filled and sealed on location (and watching that process can be fairly interesting; during a trip to Colorado earlier this year, I saw at one of the Oskar Blues locations how they work). Call it the growler’s more recyclable cousin, if you will.

“We’ve been huge fans of the craft beer scene as long as we’ve been roasting coffee, so when I saw the crowlers at (Oskar Blues), it seemed like a perfect fit for our Sputnik release party,” Cuvee founder Mike McKim said in a press release. “We love Austin, we love big cans, we love Sputnik. And we love the idea of people enjoying fresh craft beer on the go.”Cuvee Coffee is located at 2000 East Sixth St. For more information about the crowlers, visit