NBC's Olympic competitors are still stifling competition from other networks, but Matthew Perry, Dr. Oz, Kamau Bell and Crystal (one of these is a monkey go ahead, guess which!) provide some interesting counter-programming.

This week's TV picks:

Monday: "2012 Summer Olympics" 7 p.m., NBC: I like to watch the diving events, but they'd be even more exciting if the competitors ended up in buckets like they do in circus cartoons.

"The Glass House" 9 p.m., ABC: I know you're not supposed to throw stones if you live here, but if you've ever been beaned in the brainpan by a scone, well, that's no picnic either.

Tuesday: "2012 Summer Olympics" 7 p.m., NBC: Last call for gymnastics. The only floor exercise I'll see after this is vacuuming the rug.

"Shipping Wars," 8 p.m., A&E: Season 2 begins tonight.

"NY Med" 9 p.m., ABC: These three words will either make you tune in or tune out — there is no middle ground: Dr. Oz colonoscopy.

"Hard Knocks" 9 p.m., HBO: Season 7 kicks off tonight, following the Miami Dolphins in training camp.

Wednesday: "2012 Summer Olympics" 7 p.m., NBC: The U.S. women take on the Jamaicans in track and field, in which they stand a better chance than the after-hours limbo competition.

"Paranormal Witness," 9 p.m., Syfy: Season 2 premieres tonight.

"Go On," (following the night's Olympics coverage) NBC: It's back to the Matthew Perry well. This time he plays a sportscaster in group therapy. It's Chandler Bing meets "Community."

Thursday: "2012 Summer Olympics" 7 p.m., NBC: BMX on NBC.

"Totally Biased with Kamau Bell," 10 p.m., FX: The San Francisco comic and his guests take on politics, religion, race, the media and other current topics though chatter and sketch comedy.

"Children's Hospital," 11 p.m., Cartoon: Season 4 already? Yep.

Friday: "2012 Summer Olympics" 7 p.m., NBC: Pole vaulting? Meh. It might be more fun to log onto Twitter and read everything with the hashtag #NBCfail.

"Common Law" 9 p.m., USA: We finally find out what sent Travis and Wes to therapy in tonight's first season finale.

Saturday: "NFL Football" 6 p.m., ABC: The Texans take on the Panthers in this exhibition game.

"2012 Summer Olympics" 7 p.m., NBC: Who spiked my Olympics? The women's volleyball players, who compete in tonight's gold-medal game.

"The Boogeyman," 8 p.m., Syfy: Yeah, I know it's just a cheesy TV horror movie, but I am fascinated that it's not called "The Boogeysaurasquid" or "The Boogeysharkpiranha."

"Jeff Ross Roasts America," 10 p.m., Comedy Central: It's like a regular Comedy Central roast, except Ross puts regular Joe audience members on the spit.

Sunday: "2012 Summer Olympics" 6 p.m., NBC: If you miss tonight's closing ceremony, you can just rewind the opening ceremony.

"Hell on Wheels," 8 p.m., AMC: All aboard! Season 2 begins tonight.

"Shark Week: Air Jaws Apocalypse," 8 p.m., Discovery: The great white sharks of Seal Island, South Africa, kick off the 25th anniversary of Shark Week.

"Roast of Roseanne," 9 p.m., Comedy Central: Jane Lynch mans the grill as comedy B- and C-listers try to take Roseanne down.

"Animal Practice," (following the night's Olympics coverage) NBC: It's got to be funny — it's got a monkey!

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