Do you know who the richest person in Texas is? This map makes it real easy to find out. 

It might not, however, be one of the many billionaires in the state you’re thinking of. 

Alice Walton, the heiress to the Walmart fortune is the richest person in Texas. She is worth more than $38 billion. 

The map, which is color-coded to distinguish between whether the money was inherited or self-made, pulls from Forbes data released earlier this year. The majority of states’ richest residents have earned their money themselves, including the three richest people: Bill Gates in Washington with $88.9 billion, Warren Buffet in Nebraska with $76.2 billion and Mark Zuckerberg in California with $62.4 billion. 

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Walton is one of seven women included on the map and the wealthiest of them all.

Check out the full map here.