Feral is a new workspace that you can rent to make sausage or break down animals you’ve hunted. They also offer hunting excursions that include butchering lessons. Photo from Feral.

If you’re a novice or experienced hunter, or maybe just interested in butchery and sausage-making, you’ll want to know about Feral, a “wild food workspace” at 2002 Southern Oaks Drive in South Austin.

It’s a commercial kitchen built with an emphasis on butchery, so hunters can bring in cleaned carcasses and use Feral’s meat grinders and mixers, sausage stuffers, smokers and vacuum sealers to help turn that doe into dinner.

This fall, the newly opened facility is offering culinary-driven hunting trips. For $750 per hunter (21 and older only, with a Texas hunting license, education card and rifle), these three-day, two-night deer and hog hunting excursions at the Bar W Ranch in Calvert are followed by butchering sessions at Feral. Owner Chris Houston says that as more people become interested in hunting, especially in pursuit of local, sustainable meat, these guided tours and butchery sessions can help hunters get the most out of their experience.

For more information about the hunting packages, email Houston at chris@feralaustin.com. To rent the kitchen space or equipment ($20 an hour or $200 for four, four-hour sessions), go to feralaustin.com.