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Posted: 9:04 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013

Yes, Virginia, you can grow pineapples in Central Texas 

Homegrown pineapples
Inspired by our neighbor, who recently harvested his first homegrown pineapple (right), and we planted a pineapple crown (left) to try it out ourselves.

By Addie Broyles

It took two years, but my neighbors finally harvested a pineapple they've been growing in a container in their yard.

I had no idea this was even possible until earlier this year, when they pointed out the small fruit that was growing on stem shooting out of the center of a long-leafed plant that looked like a giant version of a pineapple crown you'd see at the store.

Sure enough, I found out that to grow a pineapple, all you have to do is plant a crown of a pineapple and wait a few years.

You can find dozens of tutorials out there, including this one from the pineapple kings at Dole, and though I can't claim to be a pineapple growing expert, we just stuck a crown in the ground (above, left) without peeling the outer leaves, cutting off excess fruit or rooting it in water, and it seems to be growing just fine.

Soon, we'll transplant the pineapple into another container so we can bring it inside or cover it during sub-freezing nights this winter. The hardest part seems to be the wait, but after the pineapple plant becomes fruit bearing after 20 to 24 months, it doesn't take as long for second (or maybe even third) pineapples to grow.

Have you ever tried to grow a pineapple? Any other exotic or unusual fruits or vegetables?

Addie Broyles

About Addie Broyles

Hailing from the Ozarks, Addie Broyles expanded her cooking (and eating) skills on the West Coast and Spain before settling in Austin, where she writes about food for the Austin American-Statesman.

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