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Posted: 4:55 p.m. Thursday, May 23, 2013

Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery IPA series to release in cans soon 

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Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery IPA photo
Austin Beerworks started the new line of seasonal IPAs earlier this spring with the Black IPA. The second release, a double IPA, will be distributed in cans in June.
Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery IPA photo
Each release in Austin Beerworks' new line of seasonal IPAs will have the same can design, but will be packaged in different boxes, so customers know which style they're buying at the store.
Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery IPA photo
Cans ready and waiting to be filled with beer in the Austin Beerworks distribution warehouse.

By Emma Janzen

When Austin Beerworks opened two years ago, they released their four flagship beers in cans. In addition to those staple beers, every seasonal release since has been sent to bars as draught-only.

Until now. 

Earlier this spring the brewery launched a new seasonal rotation -- the Heavy Machinery IPA series.

The first beer, a Black IPA, came out in March. Because the cans weren't quite ready at the same time the beer was, the beer went out to bar accounts only. Now that the cans and subsequent packaging has arrived, the second brew in the series, a Double IPA, and all future releases will launch in cans and be distributed primarily to local grocery accounts (although the occasional keg will also make its way out into the world as well).

I stopped by the brewery to check out the cans and get more specifics on the series. Co-Owner Adam DeBower explained that each IPA will come out approximately every other month, to balance out the brewery's normal seasonals, which also come out approximately every other month. So between the two rotations, a new seasonal will be released every month. 

Co-Owner Michael Graham explained that after the Double IPA, we can expect to see a Half IPA, Belgian-style IPA, Wet Hop IPA, English-style IPA, and another Black IPA (in order of release) over the next year. While each release will be a different exploration of the style, Graham says "they will all be loaded with really fancy hops. We have a new hop contract which gives us access to stuff we've never been able to get before.  That's what made the whole series possible." 

The 16 oz. cans will all look the same, design-wise (thanks to local design wizard Christian Helms), but each new release will be packaged in a different box with stats about the specific beer inside, so customers know what they're buying at the store. 

Expect to see the new series hit shelves in early June. 

Emma Janzen

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