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Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Turns 80

A collection of birthday messages to Willie Nelson from musicians, friends and fans in Austin, Texas.

Willie Nelson's 1973 Picnic

Ron McKeown and Buddy Magazine

Dawn of the Picnic: The making of a Lone Star tradition

In mid-June 1973, the first Willie Nelson Fourth Of July Picnic wavered between two futures: It could become an iconic event for the next 40 years or it could become Dripping Springs Reunion Part 2 — a musical masterpiece barely remembered for the masses who didn’t come. At the right moment, in stepped Eddie Wilson.

The (almost) definitive chronology of Willie's Fourth of July Picnics

Can't get the history of the Picnic quite clear? From 1972 to 2012, here's everything that was, wasn't or might have been a true Picnic, an imposter or – say it isn't so, Willie! – a year off.


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