Want to check water levels before heading to the greenbelt for a swim? This app lets you do just that

9:17 a.m. Thursday, June 15, 2017 Things to Do

You’ve got your swimsuit on and your towel in tow... but the Barton Creek greenbelt has left you high and dry. 

Now you can avoid all of the disappointment that comes with arriving at a dry greenbelt by checking water levels beforehand. 

An app designed by Reddit user mushumom was posted to the link-sharing site Tuesday and has since gained steam.

The app, called Greenbelt Now, uses United States Geological Survey data to measure the water level and water flow at different entry points on the greenbelt. It also alerts when conditions aren’t optimal for swimming, and includes a small description, or directions, for each of the eight spots it tracks.

Don’t forget your sunscreen. And definitely don’t forget your water level tracking app. 

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