'Missing senator' fliers demand meeting with Ted Cruz


'Missing senator' fliers demand meeting with Ted Cruz

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Ralph Barrera/Ralph Barrera
United States Senator Ted Cruz, takes part in a one on one as part of the Keynote North at the Texas Tribune Festival in Hogg Memorial Auditorium on the University of Texas campus Saturday afternoon September 24, 2016. RALPH BARRERA/AMERICAN-STATESMAN

The kinds of fliers you usually see alerting you to a lost and beloved pet are popping up around Houston. But, as one resident told the Houston Chronicle, “That’s not a cat. That’s Ted Cruz.”

As the Houston Chronicle reports, a group of residents are posting “Missing senator” fliers around the city in hopes of arranging a face-to-face meeting with U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. The flier features a bulleted list with “identifying markers,” including, “Answers to Ted” and “Will attempt to repeal ACA if cornered.”

The group responsible for the fliers has an online presence as well. A Twitter account with handle @whereiscruz joined the social media site in February and uses hashtags like #TedCruzismissing and #doyourjob.

The group, which says it’s comprised of “your Texas constituents,” also drafted an online petition at Change.org saying, “We watched your staffers lie to us about availability of appointments. We watched you get into a twitter battle with Deadspin while we stood on the sidewalk waiting to voice our concerns about the welfare of our state. We have called and your voicemail box is full.”

The petition, which is 200 signatures shy of its goal of 1,500, ends, “We expect to hear from you soon.”

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