What is a ‘slambulance,’ and why will it soon be illegal in Texas?

11:47 a.m. Thursday, June 1, 2017 Recreation
File photo via Pexels

A bill signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Greg Abbott is putting an end to the party -- if the party takes place in a one of the retired and converted ambulances known as a “slambulance.”

Ambulance providers in Fort Worth, a city where the converted party vehicles are readily available to rent, took issue with the “emergency,” “emergency medical services” or “mobile intensive care” labeling of the vehicles, the Star-Telegram reports.  

The vehicles, which come equipped with a stripper pole, a full wet bar and neon lighting, are not capable of administering emergency medical care.

The bill, which will take effect September 1, makes it illegal to operate a retired ambulance for marketing, transportation or partying purposes. 

You’re going to have to save your mobile partying for buses. Which, by the way, are not taking you to school. 


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