Grandma gets stopped for bag of Round Rock Donuts at airport security


Grandma gets stopped for bag of Round Rock Donuts at airport security

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Austin Community Newspapers Staff
Round Rock Donuts are the best in Texas, according to a Buzzfeed article that lists the best doughnut shops in each state. Clearly, Pederson’s grandma agrees. MIKE PARKER/ROUND ROCK LEADER

Commitment. It’s a loaded word that brings about deep thoughts of a significant other, love, and intimacy. To many of us, commitment may be to a job, our families or partner in life. But to one grandma, her forever commitment is to Round Rock Donuts.

Twitter user Landon Pederson posted a screenshot Tuesday of a conversation with someone at the airport. The message says that Pederson’s grandmother was halted at airport security for her peculiar carry-on, which happened to be a sweet cargo of doughnuts:

Over an hour later, Pederson updated anxious Twitter followers as to what happened. Were the doughnuts confiscated? Did grandma get through? As it turns out, grandma’s confectionery got the OK for the plane ride. Oh, and her chorizo did, too:

We’re not surprised that grandma needed a stash of Round Rock Donuts for her flight. The famed doughnut shop has received several accolades in the past (top 10 in Texas, crowned best in Texas by Buzzfeed) for its sizable doughnuts and curious orange-yellow color. Even if it’s not National Doughnut Day, we can always make an exception for one of these heavenly pastries. 

Anything for the love of doughnuts, right grandma?

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