Answer the need here at home


Answer the need here at home

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Mayra Negron Romero, center, and her three children, Samanta, left, Mayleth and Luis outside of their home in Austin, Texas, on Monday, Oct. 30, 2017. The Negrons lost their father and husband, Jose, and an uncle in a car accident last year. NICK WAGNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

This has been a tough year. Hurricanes, mass shootings, fires and floods. The need has been great around this country, and locally — in quieter, less dramatic ways — families need your help.

They live in homes without working appliances or heat or air conditioning. They lack the education to get jobs that can sustain them. They pray every day that the car starts or the bus runs on time or that the pantry isn’t bare, the refrigerator empty.

They have children with medical needs that feel overwhelming. Their own bodies are betraying them.

These are some of the uncertainties our 12 featured Season for Caring families are facing this year. There are hundreds of other families just like them who need your help, too.

And that’s what the Austin American-Statesman’s Season for Caring does. Through Jan. 31, we’ll tell you about our featured families, and your donations of money, goods and services will help hundreds of families served by the local nonprofit agencies selected this year.

We invite you to read the stories. Look at the wish lists of the featured families and see what you can donate. Is it money that can prevent a family from being evicted or pay for life-saving medication or keep the lights on? Is it a gently used piece of furniture that you no longer need or the car you no longer drive? Do you work for or own a company that can provide a good or service, either because that’s what you do, or because you can gather your co-workers to harness the power of giving?

As you’re shopping for holiday gifts, can you add an extra gift card, an extra toy for one of our families? Can you ask friends and family to make a donation or give to Season for Caring instead of gifts?

Can you open your heart to the need in our community and make this a Season for Caring here, where we live?

Follow Season for Caring

See more photos and videos and read updated stories at

Find regular updates on the Season for Caring blog, each day in the paper through Jan. 1, on Twitter @seasonforcaring and on the Season for Caring Facebook page.

About Season for Caring

Each family in the 19th annual Statesman Season for Caring program has been nominated by a respected Central Texas community service organization. Every penny you give will be disbursed to these organizations through the nonprofit Austin Community Foundation. Donations in excess of what’s needed to help the 12 featured families will be used by nominating agencies to help other Central Texas families. Donors will be sent a receipt for tax purposes. For more information on the campaign, email or call 512-445-3590.

Make a donation

To make a monetary donation, clip out the coupon each day in the paper or go to To make a donation of an item on a wish list, contact the nonprofit agency listed with each wish list directly.

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