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Hops & Grain changed their license from brewery to brewpub when laws changed in 2013, allowing visitors to both drink beer onsite and buy beer to take home.

Brew guide: Lots of change fermenting at Hops & Grain

When Hops & Grain opened late 2011, it was the second Austin brewery to launch its flagship beers in cans only (Austin Beerworks was the first). Using cans, rather than bottles, was an easy choice for owner Josh Hare, who says that cans are more environmentally friendly and protect the ...

Shane Bordeau, left, and Jim Sampson are owners of Twisted X. Brewing Company, which started in Cedar Park.

Brew guide: Twisted X Brewing Co. offers a taste of Tex-Mex in the Hill Country

After homebrewing since the late 1990s, friends Shane Bordeau and Jim Sampson set out to fill a regional niche in the Austin beer scene. In 2011, they started a small brewing operation called Twisted X Brewing Co. out of a storage unit in Cedar Park, where they focused on producing ...

Beer bombers are perfect for a different kind of white elephant holiday swap.

Auber: Get warm and toasty this holiday season with craft beer bombers

Some of them were wrapped neatly in holiday-themed paper; others, like mine, were simply in gift bags sans the tissue paper. We set them all under a tiny Christmas tree in a tiny apartment, helped ourselves to some beer and waited as numbers 1 to 7 were written down and ...

Whisler’s is one of Austin’s newest cocktail spots on East Sixth Street. The staff are friendly and quick to mix, and the drinks are at the forefront of what is interesting right now in the cocktail scene.

10 bars in Austin where you should be drinking right now

Ask me for a recommendation on where to go out for a drink, and you’ll get bombarded with a set of questions. Do you want beer, wine or cocktails? Fancy or casual? What part of town? Do you want something loud and high energy or quiet and romantic? Are you ...

PakTech can carriers can be more tricky to navigate than your average flimsy plastic rings, but there are benefits to using them for both the customer and the brewery.

Brewers praise benefits of PakTech six-pack carriers

If you drink a lot of canned beer, you might have noticed a shift in how some six-packs are packaged. A handful of local breweries have switched to PakTech holders, rigid plastic can connectors that secure the cans from the top. Although the PakTech style of can holder has been ...

Genius Gin, a new Texas-made spirit, hit shelves earlier this summer.

Janzen: Genius takes bold approach to creating Texas gin

Mike Groener, CEO of local spirits company Genius Liquids, sees his flagship product Genius Gin contributing a much-needed new point of interest to the American gin conversation. “We will be the best American gin, and we will have one of the most prominent aesthetics for anything made in America,” Groener ...

One of the more complicated cocktails at Glass Half Full (and one of the most delicious) is the Full Scotch-Irish Breakfast, which features stout, whiskey, maple syrup, lemon curd, whole egg, mole bitters and nutmeg.

Alamo Lakeline puts beer and beer cocktails in the spotlight at adjacent bar

The new Lakeline location of the Alamo Drafthouse opened last month, and with it, the theater’s second standalone bar in Austin. The first bar, 400 Rabbits, is part of the Slaughter location and features all things tequila. The new bar, Glass Half Full, focuses on craft beer. The concept was ...

At Star Bar, you can order Petrus Aged Pale, a sour beer, with a side of raspberry or peach syrup. The idea is to add syrup to even out the sour flavors of the beer in a way that is pleasing to your palate.

Janzen: Sour beer goodness, tiki week and guest-curated cocktails at Vino Vino

I’m a sucker for sour beer. I’m not talking about beer gone bad, but rather an old style of beer that’s purposefully brewed to taste sour. Sours are a curious breed of beer: They have the body of a good IPA or stout, but without the characteristic hoppy or malty ...

8 items

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