Shark tale about Texas lake is just fake news


Shark tale about Texas lake is just fake news

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This is a great white shark. You won't find one in a Texas lake, I promise.

OK, people. I know it’s hot out. But surely we haven’t lost all common sense? 

And yet, enough people believed this story from the dubious-sounding website -- a site that offers to let you “Prank your friends now!” -- that Texas Parks and Wildlife and Lake Brownwood State Park had to start fielding calls, according to

I don't care how many of your aunties shared this post on Facebook -- it's not real.

Parks and Wildlife officials didn’t mince words on Facebook.

Lake Brownwood State Park, which is between Austin and Abilene, really, really wants you to know it’s OK to go back in the water.

See, folks? Perfectly safe. Nothing to worry about. 



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