New Braunfels restaurant combats coral reef threat by serving it for dinner

11:57 a.m. Monday, July 3, 2017 Food
Chris LeBlanc/Chris LeBlanc
Chris LeBlanc

You don’t have to choose between conservation and an entree at New Braunfels restaurant the Downtowner. 

In an effort to help protect coral reefs, the restaurant has begun serving invasive and venomous lionfish, KSAT reports

The Downtowner’s new dish is part of a growing movement to “eat our way out of a problem” by keeping the lionfish population in check. 

Chef Chad Niland told KSAT that “pretty much they’re going to be everywhere unless we start eating them,” but said the white, flaky fish “take to many different styles of cooking very easily.” 

According to the National Ocean Service the species is non-native to the U.S. coast and the Gulf of Mexico, but was most likely introduced by humans dumping their home aquariums. Because they aren’t native to the area, the species, which eats numerous species of reef and commercial fish, has very few natural predators.

Minus some hungry Texans now, that is. 

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